Our approach

First contact

At the beginning of contracting our services, a quotation is made based on the client’s objectives, as well as on the defined programme, the region and the morphological conditions of the place where our object will be implanted.

Once our fees have been accepted, a visit is made to the site to gain an understanding of the reality of the new project and work begins with a topographical survey of the site.

The preparation of an architectural project involves several disciplines, architecture and civil engineering are two of them, but the truth is that there are many other specialties that the architect has to coordinate and include in the project.

All these specialties have to be made from the architectural project and coordinated by the architect.

The program

To start the design process, a programmatic study based on the client’s expectations is carried out. Elements such as the number of rooms, sanitary installations, type of kitchen, etc., their average dimensions, equipment to be incorporated, etc. are defined.

First Study

In this phase, the first studies are presented to the client, based on the elements defined in the programme. The client is presented with blueprints and interactive three-dimensional elements such as BIMx where the client expresses their concerns and changes to the project.


In this phase all the spaces that make up the project are outlined in greater detail and exactness, as well as some technical and functional aspects of the work. This phase is also presented to the client and it is also possible to make changes to the project.

Licensing project

The licensing project constitutes all the necessary elements to be submitted for approval to the respective regulatory entities, such as municipal councils and external entities, when necessary.

Construction project

This phase begins after the licensing project has been approved by the local council.

The execution project, besides grouping together all the technical projects that are mandatory for the execution of the work, defines the construction method, as well as all the constructive solutions to be adopted on site to facilitate and avoid possible incompatibilities during construction. This project is normally made to a scale that allows a good reading of all the drawn parts.

Also optional is the interior design/architecture where the sanitary installations are designed and the fixed furniture and other elements that can be custom designed and chosen together with the construction owner are defined.